Dr Jessica Read, D.C.

Holistic Healing with a difference


Precise, Gentle, Spinals & Cranial Corrections

A strong back is everyone's dream. Applying gentle, pain-free, precise corrections of any misplaced vertebrae is a good start towards achieving this. The bones of the skull can also be adjusted. This allows for optimal function of the entire nervous system. The whole body benefits and you feel great!

Aura & Chakra Clearings & Alignments, Vibrational Healing

Your aura and chakras may become damaged for various reasons. Restoring their healthy shape and function, clearing negative imprints and enhancing their vibrancy is all possible. The use of colour, crystals, flower essences brings them back into balance resulting in a feeling of lightness, clarity and happiness!

Simply Flower Power Natural Healing Products

Simply Flower Power Products use flower essences as an all natural way of eliminating physical (the cream) and emotional (Tranquillity Essence) discomfort and pain. They will both become your new best friends! Visit www.simplyflowerpower.com.au for more information.

Nutritional Advice
Each spinal nerve corresponds to an organ. It is possible to 'read' the health of your organs
through your spine, or at least to get an idea of whether they are in trouble or not.
Your digestive organs in particular show up clearly. Following dietary advice specifically suited to you often helps to decrease, and/or totally eliminate, many of your aches and pains. Did you know that a sore neck can actually be caused by eating too many nuts? A diet diary is an effective way of uncovering the nutritional cause of many of your ailments.
We recommend the Medical Medium books, written by Anthony William. They contain the most advanced information for the resolution and healing of chronic conditions. Cleanse to Heal is the latest book in the series and is the most comprehensive ever. 
Choosing the right food and preparing it correctly can completely change how you feel and just as importantly, how you look. It is so worth making the effort for such a huge pay off!
Numerology and You
The numbers in your birth date may well be the key to understanding your personality, likes and dislikes, talents and weaknesses. Your name may enhance or diminish the traits of your birth numbers. Understanding your personal numerology can go a long way to showing you how to get the most out of who you really are.
Relationships with partners, children, friends and family suddenly become clear. A deeper understanding of each other makes for much easier communication.
A reading is so simple to obtain yet the impact on your life can be so profound! Would you like more clarity in any area of your life? If yes, book in for a numerology reading and you will be astounded at what you hear!

Distance Healing
All the above healing methods are available as Distance healing. The energy field of the client is called in as a replica of the physical pattern. The same testing methods can be used on the energy pattern to detect and then correct spinal or cranial displacements, auric field or chakra  imbalances. This type of healing is particularly well suited to animals and great success has been achieved in this area. Distance healing makes it possible for people anywhere in the world to access Dr Read's holistic healing methods. Just email to request a booking. The client need not be in any particular place during the healing as the effects will reach him/her at an optimal time for them. Extraordinary improvements to health have been achieved by this method. Why not give it a try if this suits you better?