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Dr Jessica Read, D.C.

Holistic Healing with a difference

Services Menu and Prices


The COVID-19 lock down has created the need for distance healing for all and as such, a new way of providing our services has been developed. Until further notice, all healing will be conducted at a distance.

Initial Consultation

This initial consultation is a fifteen minutes conversation where we discuss your situation and whether our services are a good match for what you are looking for. We strongly recommend that a prospective patient read all the information on the website thoroughly, so that we can make the most of these fifteen minutes, and focus on your specific needs.

To request this consultation, simply complete the Contact Form on our website, including a short description of your symptoms and your phone number or Skype address. Please also indicate what days/times if any are more suitable for Dr Jessica to call you.

Following this initial consultation - and if it is agreed to continue to treatment - you will be sent a case history form and a consent form to be filled out at your leisure and returned as attachments via email. Dr Jessica will then suggest a treatment plan for you.

Introductory consultation and assessment: AU$97.

Treatments Offered

1. Review of Case History Forms & Body Code Check. The information on the forms will give Dr Jessica a detailed picture of your state of health. In addition the Body Code check will indicate where your body/mind/spirit would like the treatment to begin. Emotional clearing may be required using the Emotion Code system (part of the Body Code). One or two specific symptoms will be targeted, as discussed during the initial consultation.

2. Precise Gentle Spinal & Cranial Corrections. Several of these sessions may be required before your body settles down into a more balanced alignment. This is like a chiropractic treatment but without having to go to the chiropractor! The adjustments are performed energetically and long term practice has proven that this method is just as effective as an in person treatment. Aches and pains disappear, muscles relax, and your feel more centered and balanced in your body.

3. Aura & Chakra Clearing & Alignments.

Dr Jessica uses her own chakra balancing drops (made from nature, and colour coded). The patient's etheric pattern may need to be re-aligned to their physical body. It is surprising how many people are misaligned in this way and how much better - lighter, more focused, happier -they feel once they are re-aligned and their chakras are strengthened.

4. Crystal Balance. A patient is tested for crystals specifically for their requirement. The energy of the crystals will be sent to the patient's etheric pattern. The name of the crystals and a brief description of the particular aspect of these crystals that applies to you will be in the emailed report. Crystal energy is a time proven method to solve energy disturbances. The result is a lighter freer feeling, as if a weight has been lifted from your mind.

5. Flower Essences Balance. This is similar to the Crystal Balance only using Flower Essences. Dr Jessica has access to Flower Essences from all over the world on top of the classic Bach Flowers and Australian Bush Flowers, and her own Simply Flower Power brand. Emotional upsets dissolve gently and you can think peaceful thoughts once again, where worry, sadness, and overwhelm might have been previously.

6. Nutritional Advice. Dr Jessica draws on her knowledge gained through study and experience as well as the Medical Medium books, by Anthony William, to address chronic problems. A patient may be requested to write a food diary (instructions as to how to do this will be given) to help identify potentially harmful food choices. Eating the right food for your body makes such a difference to your digestion and to your feeling of general well being. You feel more energetic and ready to step back into your life with enthusiasm and joy.

7. Numerology Reading. This is done over the phone. The reading may be recorded if desired as in this instance no report is sent out. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is like seeing inside your mind and finally knowing why you react in certain ways to certain situations and people. The power that comes from this knowledge and how to make the best use of it in your individual life is priceless.

N.B. Patients typically require multiple sessions with the different techniques working in concert. Every person is different so we muscle test for the time span between visits to make sure your body is able to assimilate and integrate the changes being made. Typically it would begin with weekly sessions until symptoms begin to disappear. A minimum of three sessions should be considered to begin with and for long lasting impact.


Payment is required at the time of booking and is made by direct deposit.

As an introductory price, each session costs AU$197, with the initial phone consultation and assessment AU$97.

Each session (except the numerology readings) includes the treatment itself and a written summary sent by email.

Packages will become available so that several visits may be obtained at a discount. We also envisage having an online booking system with a choice of payment methods.

We look forward to making a difference in your life and helping you on your way to balance, health, and a great future in your brand new body!